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Overly Complicated?

It's Complicated
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Is it really as complicated as you think?

Sometimes we see things from the wrong perspective.  We think they are complex, complicated and wicked to learn, use to do.  We see them as something unattainable, something that will always be either just out of reach, or a million miles away.  Sometimes we stop and think to ourselves, “That will never happen…”, or “I could never do that…”  Is it really that complex, that complicated or that wicked?  Many times they are not, and we all need to learn that about ourselves, the things we do, the thing we would like to accomplish, use or do.

I think we all sometimes just need to step back and re-evaluate how we are peering into our path.  How we perceive the obstacles on that path, and where we ultimately want that path to take us (whether it involves a turn, a new path or more).  Sometimes, we have to brave where the is no visible path – and with the right support behind us – our group of people, whether online or offline, that are our backing, the pushers pushing us to excel – we can build a path.  Our own path.

Does it need to be complicated?

Sometimes, and being a web programmer by trade I see this alot (and have even been guilty of it myself), we over complicate things.  We make them harder than it should be.  It’s nothing with our perspective or outlook, but in our natural habits.  We add steps, layers and side trails – not out of the fear of failure or other things pertaining to our paths and such, but out of a necessity to be thorough to the point of complications.

Why?  We all have off moments, and sometimes that is all it is.  A moment of clouded clarity, or no clarity at all.  Other times it’s the best we know at the time, and we just haven’t honed out skills to work, create and be lean, mean machines at what we are doing.  Finally, sometimes we just do it to see if we can – which can work against us, or for us, depending on what the outcome should be and what the outcome ends up being.

How about we make things uncomplicated?

Let’s face our fears, let’s build that new path, let’s learn about who we are, what we can do, should do and want to do.  Then, let’s get out there and do it.  No more complications from us not pushing forward, okay.  How about we try to maintain clarity – yes sometimes we just need to slow down or stop to gain that clarity – and that’s okay.  Your competitors (if your applying to a business mentality) aren’t going to get that far ahead of you if you stop or slow down to renew the clarity.  Think about it, they won’t get any farther ahead than you staying in a cloudy state for a longer period of time, now will they.  And that clarity may give your business just the edge it needs.

In our personal lives – let’s slow down and find that clarity – to interact well, live well and take more moments to cherish those around us.  Those who are helping us on our paths deserve nothing but our best in return for what they do for us.  Let’s give them that, shall we?

Why not.

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Looking For A Project Or Two

I am looking for a freelance project, a contract position, contract-to-hire position or a permanent position centered around web design & development. Want to know more about what I know how to do? Check out my Resume, my Portfolio and why not go ahead and follow me over on Twitter too?

If you don’t have anything that you need services for, why not think about passing along a link to this post or a link to my resume to someone you know who might be looking for a web designer & developer.

Very many thanks and much appreciation!

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New Design Coming for SPWD

Screenshot WordPress
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Over the past few weeks I have really been reading up on blogging, social media and all that fun “web2.0″ buzzword stuff – you know how it goes. One common thing with most of the top blogs that you find is they all use some form of custom theme. Whether it is a premium theme (Thesis seems popular due to all the features and customization that is possible) or a custom rolled theme, the story is the same – to really make an impact you have to be credible. Somehow we all don’t view the “free” themes as credible.

So as such I will be joining the ranks of bloggers to use a custom design here on this blog. Fortunately for me I am a web designer & developer so I will be doing all the graphics, all the WordPress customization and pretty much anything else.

As a shameless plug – if you like the new design when it launches and are interested in hiring me for your custom design all you have to do is contact me and we can work out the details and see if we can make a good partnership.

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Web Development & Design Portfolio

Billy J. Nab's Portfolio

Billy J. Nab's Portfolio

The new web design and development portfolio has been launched, and is now available. New samples and references will be added over the coming weeks, so keep checking back for updates to it! It currently highlights the past three years of experience, being the most relevant. It will begin to feature more graphic design samples and much more programming examples as I prepare them and add to them. Having nearly 8 years worth of code to sift through and find relevant and still viable samples for today’s web has been a challenge, but one I have been meeting head on.

You can find it here: Billy J. Nab’s Portfolio

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A Year In Reflection

Well, today marks the end of 2008 here in my part of the world, and looking back I re-read a post from January 1, 2008 – quoted below with inserts as to how I did.

As I sit here, having just stepped outside to see the revelry around my neighborhood of the ringing (or exploding) in of the New Year, I find myself seeking several things this year:

1. Write More Blog Posts, More Frequently – I did post more frequently, but still not enough
2. Expand My Knowledge in Ajax, PHP and Web2.0 Design – This is on-going, but I gained much in the PHP area, a bit in Ajax and sharpened some of my visual design skills as well
3. Enhance My Blog with a custom layout – This one did not happen, still using free themes
4. Generate more readership – This one did happen, though not as much as I would have liked, but that’s related to number 1
5. Become more active in the blogosphere – I started to do this late in the year and am experiencing some benefits to it now, but still growing.

While not lofty goals, they are all things I had wished to do in 2007, but unforseen complications mandated a different direction – thus is the blogger life (okay, the casual blogger life). It is funny, I keep up on several blogs, many of which are operated full time, and I think to myself how can I create more space in my alloted time each day/week/month to blog more.

The first item is to create a schedule for my time and try to stick to it, albeit allowing for variances as necessary. Reading these blogs also prompts me to think of a new section, one devoted to the “Casual Blogger” rather than the full-time blogger. There are several items I would like to examine in this area, of course time permitting as I have several half-finished tutorials to get posted straight away this year.

Well, anyways – Happy New Year if you celebrate it at this time of year, and good wishes on successful blogging, successful web design and stressful life in general this year.

Having a post like this was helpful, but I did not refer back to it near enough to truly succeed at the few goals I had listed, though in all but one there was growth. The growth was not as expected, but I know the factors that made it so, and I know how to control those factors now. You see in any given situation we either let the situation control us, or we control it. Yes, yes I know there are those situations that we cannot exert control over, and with life there will always be exceptions.

This year has seen many changes in my life, some good and some not so good. In April I was fortunate enough to buy my first Harley-Davidson motorcycle, in July we bought my wife her first horse and in August we closed on our first house. In that time I learned I can ride a motorcycle better than a horse, mainly because the motorcycle doesn’t have an attitude like the horse does. I also learned that once you let the horse know who is boss, they will still try to control the situation. I also learned that buying a house is a long and grueling process, especially when you are trying to find one that will fit 2 adults, 5 children, 3 cats, 2 dogs, 2 fish and a horse that is within your budget.

I was also reminded, several times, of just how it is in the world I live in. People will lie through their teeth and make you look like a complete moron. They will lie through their teeth just to protect their own self, no matter the cost to you. People will lie through their teeth just to make sure they are the ones, at the end of the day, that are smiling, not you. These people are people that sometimes you consider friends, yet what kind of friends are they in the end? They are not. I also was reminded that even though you try to do the right thing, sometimes you will fail and it never fails that those failures will be thrown at you in your face every chance someone else gets, just to make the feel better when they look at themselves in the mirror every morning.

I also found out what it is like to lose two jobs within months of each other, neither of them my fault. Two weeks after closing on our house, I found myself walking out of one my ex-employer’s building having been cursed at and told rather nasty things. Some people thrive off treating others like dirt, another lesson I was reminded of. The countless hours I lost with my family, getting kicked out of school because I did not have the time to attend class due to long working hours made me realize that sometimes some people just aren’t happy, no matter what sacrifices you make for them, and in the end they treat you like dirt, spit in your face and expect you to suck-it up, work harder and still smile while you are there. The funny thing with that is, even when they break the law, they expect that from you and expect you to follow the rules and threaten you with your job if you falter one step.

The next job was ended due to the funny thing that every top government official wanted to say was not happening for the longest time, the “recession”. It’s funny that they can keep denying things so long, until the markets of the world are trashed, and then finally say it has happened, and will only get worse before it gets better. To that I have to ask, just like I have to ask the CEO’s of the “bailout” companies that take home more in a month than the majority of Americans will in a lifetime: What makes you so special to vote yourself a raise when congress starts up again each year? To the CEO’s I have this to ask: In what world can your company lose millions, sometimes billions, you layoff 25% of your workforce and yet you still expect well over $10,000,000 a year salary, benefits and perks of private jets, limousines and personal assistants?

I say 2009 should be earmarked the year the worker takes back what is his/hers. Why should we be put into dangerous situations, be put down, be cursed and yelled at, and be paid nothing what the market rate is for our time, our services and value we bring to your company? That is what I learned this year, is the value of an employee is nothing, as all employees are expendable, replaceable or weren’t needed in the first place.

Late in the year I started networking more, with some larger names in the industry. Once again I was reminded how doing things sometimes just doesn’t work out. Case in point, I wrote a decent review for a well known blog, operated by an even more well known blogger. Suffice it to say, other persons that provided such reviews, or articles were at least credited for their work, and many times linked to. My work was not credited in any way shape or form, and I didn’t think to ask for it to be credited until after I read the post and I guess that was too late. I expected this upstanding, well-favored person to, I dunno, automatically attribute properly work that was not his, and in the end it just didn’t work out. So no extra exposure for yet another little guy in the blogosphere, and yet again someone using what was not theirs to enhance their life. Sometimes you just don’t know about people, but all you can do is hope for the best, which is what I did, and still do.

I also found out what it is like to experience the grace and goodness of people. After losing the second job, we had the support of many family and friends, some friends that we don’t even know about. They helped my family have an enjoyable Christmas, as well as helped us keep our house. To these blessed souls, they make me realize that none of the rest of it matters, because as long as there is one person out there that cares enough to do the right thing, the light will always be on, and someone will always be home to welcome you in. Without people like this in the world, it would truly be a nightmare to try and survive, it would be the epitome of the worst horror fiction novel ever wrote, but would be our daily life. There are some that I have no clue who they are, how they know myself or my family, but they helped in anyway they could – and it has made a world of difference in our lives.

This year has seen a lot of changes here on this blog as well, with intermittent errors starting just after the new year started back in January. After 11 1/2 months of fighting with the server, which was old and needing replaced, I finally got my new server up and online. It has been runny steady for several weeks, and in that time I have been able to post quite a bit and enjoy having physical access to the server when I need it, since it is no longer a 4 hour drive to the co-lo facility. I have a new theme this past month, some more items on the back-end and have been striving to post more frequently, since obviously I have time to while I still look for employment.

I hope your year has been good to you, and if not I hope you can find the good in it, and in the people around you. Don’t hold a grudge, as that does nothing but drag you down – trust me from experience on that one. While I vent about what happened to me with the jobs, article and all of that, remember these are experiences that make us stronger, they make us wiser and in the end may make us just the person we need to be to succeed at our next task.

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