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Off The Beaten Path – A Personal Post

Today was just a crazy day. In many ways it didn’t start normal – I was up late, so my wife let me sleep in a bit. I got up, tried to motivate and couldn’t. Phone company came out and dropped a new temporary line to my house. Wife went to work. My mom called, I forgot her birthday yesterday – which just does not happen.

About 30 minutes after my wife left for work, I was chatting with her sister and she pointed out that schools were on lock-down due to armed suspect. Hmmm…time to check the news. Imagine my horror when I find out the main search area was in an area right behind (seriously, right behind) my wife’s place of employment. Crap. I try calling my wife’s cell. No answer. Call her work number. No answer. Call cell again. No answer. Call work number again. No answer. Frantic, panic setting in. My phone rings. Whew it was my wife. She was okay, and didn’t even know anything was going on – so I tell her to stay in the building and keep a lookout.

My school advisor calls me. He still insists, that even though they put me in the wrong program, I have to take the classes all the same at the expense of another 2-3 yrs of school and over $15,000 extra cost. I don’t think so. I explain finals are due Sunday, he has until then to get me back in the program I signed up for or I will be quitting and going to a different college.

Call my wife again to check in on her. She is still ok. Call my mom, let her know what is going on, otherwise when she see’s it on her news she will freak. Or call and yell at me for not telling her about it.

Good. Check news….they found suspect, shot and killed him 4 blocks away from a friend, a really good friend who is a mechanic and is currently working on my vehicle. I place a call to him. No answer. He calls back, and I verify that they are all okay, and they are. Whew….good.

Call my wife again, let her know they found the guy. Mechanic calls, our van is done -yay!

On the way to pick up the van, I am driving the car we just got for our kids last week…..just driving it with my step-son in the passenger seat. I wanted to drive just to make sure the car was working okay – I only drove it once before we bought it. 1/2 block away from mechanic’s shop, on the bridge 4 blocks north of where the police shot the suspect a “gawker” slams into me. I was in the inside lane as was she, and she was “gawking” at the police scene, crossed the yellow line and took the mirror clean off the car.

Worst part? She didn’t slow down, let alone stop. So I chased her down, and ripped her a new one and we went from there.

Whew – that’s a day in and of itself. I am emotionally spent now, physically spent and mentally spent. I have tons of work to do, but will probably not do much tonight – unwind, be grateful and sleep.