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Get My Tweets
I have updated the URL parsing method, so it should be able to parse multiple URLs per tweet. If you used it and find any bugs or anything astray, just contact me through the contact page.

I know there are several Twitter plugins for WordPress, but I wanted a very simple one, that used the XMLReader function found in PHP 5. It has only two configurable options, and is a lightweight way to add your most recent Tweets to your WordPress blog.

The plugin can be used in two ways, one is by copying a line of code into your template file where you would like the Tweets to appear. The second is via the WordPress Widgets, you can add it wherever your particular theme allows widgets.

If your Tweet has a URL in it the plugin will parse and setup the link to be clickable as well.

This plugin does require that your web server run PHP 5.x.x

Download Get My Tweets Here

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