Red Lights

As I was out and about driving this morning, I managed to hit every red stop light on the way. Frustrating? You bet…I was in a hurry.

However, it got me to thinking – there really is nothing wrong with a red light – it’s traffic control. So that got me to thinking about red lights in social media, blogging, programming, web development – you know all the things I am really enjoying in my technology portion of life.

Having a red light in these areas is a time to pause. A time to reflect on what you have learned, what you have shared. Help received, help given. It’s also a time to prepare for the upcoming green light – when you start writing more lines of code with a clearer thought process, write a new blog post after a great reflection or share something great with your community that was shared with you.

Is having a red light in your technology interactions a bad thing? I don’t think so. Is it good when you hit many red lights? Not really. Can you use a few to reorganize your thoughts, processes and gain some clarity about the road in front of you? I bet you can.

What do you think of red lights in your social media interactions, blogging, programming or whatever interactions you have on a daily basis? Good? Bad? Necessary evil?

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