Google PR – The Ultimate Never Ending Saga

You know, when Google first introduced PageRank – the web developing world went absolutely bonkers. There were so many “experts” that had a unique angle on how to attain the highest page rank in the fastest way it was mind numbing. It went on this way for quite a while, with web masters, web developers, SEOs (search engine optimizers), SEMs (search engine marketers) and the regular Internet Junkie trying to prove that their theory was correct about the Google PageRank algorithm.

In the past 1 1/2 to 2 years, we have seen another phenemona happen – the devaluation of PageRank. Apparently not just by web masters, web developers, SEOs and SEMs, but now by Google themselves. With the advent that they are trying to de-value paid links, links that can carry page rank to lend creed and credibility to a site, many top ranked sites are experiencing major PR drops. Sometimes up to 4 or 5 points.

According to Web Pro News, most of them took a 2-4 point drop, with taking the largest in their supplied list going from 10 to 6. I do believe their list may have came from over at Andy Beard’s site.

The completely amazing thing of all this, is the buzz it has created in the blogosphere (yes, people just like me {only with more power, clout, writing time and blogging experience} writing about it). People have came forward with conspiracy theories, ideas that Google is personalizing this round of updates against entities and much more craziness.

As I said in a comment over on ProBlogger – when will the Google PR craziness end? Ever? Probably not anytime soon. Can PR drop, the site still have quality content and get great traffic? I guess the next few weeks will tell on some of these sites, won’t it.

Personally? This site’s home page has a whoopin’ up PR of 3. One of my work sites has PR5 and the other a PR4. However, the PR5 page does significant sales volume and has a great visitor number, as well as garnering nearly 60% of our traffic from search engines. I get about 39% of the traffic to this site from the search engines.

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